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Bringing together talented individuals

EYES is the international society for extraordinary young individuals with unique entrepreneurial talent. EYES brings together these individuals in an environment of trust, friendship and inspiration. Since 2004, EYES has been organizing local and international events to
support its members by sharing knowledge, trust, and inspiration.
Our purpose is to create lasting bonds by encouraging both entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurial action. 

Global Summits

Roatan event 

(coming next)


2nd - 5th November

Berlin Event

April 2018 

Sao Paulo Event

October 2016

Miami Event

March 2013

Hamburg EYEcreate Event

June 2012

Kuala Lumpur Event

November 2017

Dubai Event

November 2015

berlin event.png

Berlin EYEcreate Event

July 2013

San Francisco Event

April 2011

Tallinn Event 

February 2017

New York Event

June 2015

Shanghai Event.png

Shanghai Event

October 2013

Paris Event 

September 2011

Madrid Event

April 2016


10th Anniversary Event

Amsterdam 2014

mexico city event .png

Mexico City Event

April 2012

munich event .png

Munich & Chimsee Event

September 2010

200+ Great speakers and supporters of EYES

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Exceptional members coming from 32 different countries

Entrepreneur in the Spotlight


Paul claudius
Co-founder of blockstate

One of the great benefits of being an entrepreneur is that you can shape an organizations culture. Michael and I luckily are very much aligned in terms of culture. The culture we are trying to shape is somehow related to our products. We want to establish a transparent, inclusive and open company culture that at the same time is very efficient.

EYES Board members

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