Andreina White
Founder of NutriWhite

What advice would you give to future entrepreneurs in your same field? 

In my 5-year entrepreneur experience I can say that the most important element of your business are your employees and your team. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients and the business will do good. This is my first advice: Love your employees and treat them very well. always look for ways to motivate them.

My second advice is to take advantage of crisis. Although difficult,  it will serve as a tremendous growth opportunity.  I also feel empowered to continue my business in Venezuela because it is in situations like this when you are more human, more sensitive and you are committed to helping others! I have now committed to 10% of my earnings go straight to a NGO foundation! It is a moment where I can help much more that if I am only focused on money. 
My third advice is to always have a human side in your company and be motivated to help people and leave something for the world, not just money. I believe profoundly in what I do. I believe passionately in my theory and my work. Hence, my last advice is to have absolute passion in what you do and how you do it.

Tell us About yourself Andreina? 

I am a nutritionist. A vanguard nutritionist that believes that you are what you eat and that people have their health in their hands. What you eat determines your wellbeing, and how you feel, not only your weight. All illnesses start in the digestive system and my goal is to give people the tools so they can have a healthy gut and to empower their health.

What is your Business about? 

My business model is clear: To become the best online platform that provides personalized and frontline nutritional consultation to Spanish speaking people. My role is to educate nutritionists that can give these consultations with the NutriWhite Protocol. In order to do that,  I need to:

  • Have the best team that does research so we can have the best information.
  • Have the best team of nutritionists that can provide patients with the best advice
  • Provide  the best medical nutritional exams. Like for example, measure vitamin deficiency, food allergies or genetic susceptibility to certain conditions etc. 

In addition, NutriWhite has a webpage which contains all the information that patients need in order to execute their own personalized nutritional plan. 


My biggest challenge is to keep my team motivated, especially as our country is going through a war. Now , my first challenge is to make them understand that wars –and crisis–  are the best opportunities. That is in moments of crisis , when power from within the people comes out and the best inventions are created. I am committed to helping my country not by protesting in the streets, but by continuing to invest in the country. Offering employment and helping NGO foundations. 

EYES  helped me believe in myself and my capacity to be an entrepreneur. And for that, I am immensely grateful.