Dear Fellow EYES Member,

EYES will be hosting its first Global Retreat event this year. It offers a new and exciting way to grow as entrepreneurs and to become better humans. This year’s event is set to take place in an intimate setting within the beautiful Caribbean. And for that reason, I decided to reach out to you. I am currently undertaking a ground-breaking venture in the region, and I could leverage that to create a very memorable event for all of us. The catch is that it will require a little more effort and means from you than usual. Let me provide you with some more context:

As busy entrepreneurs, we often take the conditions and markets within we operate our businesses for granted. However, these conditions are of the utmost importance. The free market economy is essential for what we do and it has generated unimaginable prosperity for human kind. And it is good governance that makes the free market and the flourishing it facilitates possible. Good governance is the most important service of all, because it enables all other entrepreneurial activity to happen.
As a Venezuelan by birth, I have firsthand witnessed how bad governance can lead to the collapse of an entire nation and the destruction of generations of people. This has so significantly impacted me, that it led me wonder if governance couldn't be done better.  My query brought me to the concept of “citypreneurship”, which means applying everything we normally do at the enterprise level to the government level. It means addressing the issues that are normally dealt with an entrepreneur at the country level instead. The starting point for this endeavor is to build the foundations of a prosperous society, including good governance, at the city scale as an entrepreneurial endeavor in pursuit of profit, with generalized prosperity as the ultimate service that we are providing. In simple terms, I am building centers of prosperity at the city scale.
After years of research, lobbying, developing frameworks and fund-raising we decided that Roatan, a pristine island in the Caribbean, will be ground zero for our work.

Therefore, it  would be an honor for me to host EYES in its Global Retreat from 2nd till 5th November in Roatan so that you may all see firsthand the “before” picture of what shall become the “Hong Kong of the Americas”.
We can explore together how we are pursuing this grand vision from an entrepreneurial perspective and how we are utilizing an iterative approach from MVP to fully developed city project.
Aside from the citypreneurship part, the proposed vision for the global retreat is to evaluate the totality of what is required to be a successful entrepreneur and a complete human being. Starting at the level of the self - discussing how to reach peak performance biologically and spiritually - then moving up to how to best structure organizations that are purposefully designed to drive our visions forward. Naturally, we will take full advantage of all the natural beauty the Caribbean has to offer and organise plenty of physical activities.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Roatan. 

All the best,
Erick Brimen