Emily ewell
Founder of pantys

Tell us a bit more about the history of your company

We launched in August 2017 as the first menstrual underwear in Brazil. In November we launched a flagship store in São Paulo and this March two partner stores in Rio de Janeiro.

What does your company do?

Feminine care underwear - lingerie with a focus on women's health. Our core product is a reusable absorbent, leak-proof menstrual underwear which can be used as a back-up for menstrual leaks or replace the use of disposable menstrual products completely. The focus is comfort and durability (lasting 6-10+ hours) and sustainability because she can dramatically reduce personal waste of menstrual products. 

what is The meaning behind the name?

Pantys is a play on the English word "panties" with the intention to build a strong global brand and category in feminine care underwear.

What does pantys offer?

Beyond a brand that is promoting women's health and modern movement with products and campaigns, I believe we are enabling women to be closer to the essence of their femininity. We are seeing a strong and profound emotional response to our product in the market. There is also a strong psychological impact for a woman who stops viewing menstruation as trash - and therefore something dirty. This closer proximity to her cycle and body we're seeing changes the woman's perspective of her period from something

what are your Mission and vision?

Our vision is to be a loved global leader in feminine care apparel solutions. Our mission is to offer women high-quality, fashionable, comfortable, and healthy solutions for menstrual and personal care needs. 

How did you get the idea?

After learning the Brazilian market has a 90% preference for external menstrual products (e.g. pads) compared to the US market which is 70% internal products (mostly tampons), I led an effort to develop a product for the Brazilian market which is about 2x the absorbency of menstrual underwear in other markets without sacrificing comfort or fashion appeal - both of which is critical in the lingerie category. 

How did the company start?

After 10 years of background in healthcare - from chemical engineering to consulting to digital marketing in health - I diverted completely for an opportunity to start an commence business in the lingerie space with a focus on Brazilian made lingerie sold in the US. The venture, unfortunately, didn't come to fruition in the end, but it opened up my eyes to a new category of products emerging in the healthcare and women's underwear category focused on menstruation. 

How did you execute the idea?

I originally planned a launch that was more focused on the functionality, but increasingly realized closer to the launch of how important brand is in driving credibility and awareness. I partnered with my sister-in-law and we bootstrapped a launch with a progressive content marketing and brand approach. We have a women's health blog and are investing in campaigns that reflect a larger women's movement of independence, empowerment, confidence, diversity and inner beauty.

What is the culture of your company?

Still forming... but we are founded on sorority, diversity, impact, sustainability, and honesty (but not without a little sense of humor, of course!)