Founding Father

Vivian Strosek


Vivian Strosek


EYES is my most valuable source for friendship, business and personal development.
— Vivian Strosek

It all started when…

To launch our new EYES blog, we thought it was a great idea to interview the Founding Fathers of EYES. ... balblabalbabsdas


1. When was the moment you decided “I will create EYES.”

It was the moment when Felix, Ruben and I realized back in 2003 that there was no platform for outstanding young individuals to learn, create and socialize. We were then caught by the idea to globally build the leading organization for such young entrepreneurs.

 2. What is your favorite memory when it comes to creating EYES?

Giving the opening speech at Meggenhorn Castle near Lucerne at the first event in 2004. We had succeeded, EYES was born.

3. If you could go back in time, what would you have changed regarding the making of EYES

Put more focus on growth without foregoing quality.

4. Did EYES become the organization as you imagined it at first?

More than I imagined. The key was and still is the selection of its members. In this respect the organization has continually been outstanding.

5. If you had to put it in one sentence, what does EYES mean to you?

EYES is my most valuable source for friendship, business and personal development.

6. EYES is, of course, important but what do you like to do in your free time?

Too many things at once.

7. What is your favorite holiday location?

South Africa.

8. What is the number one lesson you try to teach your employees?

Stay curious and positive.

9. Finally, does pineapple belong on a pizza or not?

Not on mine.