Deniss Kairans
Partner, Managing Director
Colliers International


Hi, my name is Deniss Kairans. I work in commercial real estate, I have been for 11 years. I had started out as an employee, but now I co-own the company. This is a rather large company and brand, Colliers, and my responsibility is the Baltic region. So basically that means Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, though I am based in Riga most of the time. So now I have part ownership, and I am also the Managing Director here. In parallel, we are opening new service lines.

Just last year, I started a company that offers property management services. Colliers is more about advising, brokerage, sales, investment transactions, whereas property management is something totally new. Maybe it’s not so exciting as some startup business, but there are many developments, for example, in the office segments, there are a lot of coworking concepts, and that is really changing the market. Five years ago you didn’t see all these coworking companies, we were used to leasing a floor. So there is quite a bit of innovation to keep up with.

Do you see yourself working in other markets or industries?

I don’t really see myself working so much outside of the Baltic region, though from time to time we have a client in some Central European and Nordic countries. I don’t have so much time to start getting into other ventures so seriously, but I have anyway. Within one to three years, I do hope to move into residential real estate, apart from Colliers. I have also gotten involved in an agricultural plot of land in Latvia that will be growing truffles trees. On a personal note, I have personally helped my parents start a guesthouse in the Latvian countryside. They don’t have any business experience, so I am glad to help them out, though I have no financial stake in that.

What is your experience as a member of EYES? 

Generally speaking about EYES, I joined four years ago. I participated in several events, and I see a very positive trend in how it is developing. At this moment, I don’t actively seek anything more. Now, we have Yana, and Lennard is doing a great job. I am seeing a lot of good things: exchange of information, the quality of events, it is very difficult for me to suggest what you guys could do better. On this mentoring project being launched, it is very interesting. If I can find a member who can mentor me, I would consider it. From my side, I think I can offer something to other members, as long as there are guidelines, criteria, time management, then I am ready to try that out.