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An unforgettable EYES experience in 
New York City. It's going to be amazing!

dream big. make it happen. In NEw York.

What could be a better location for the first EYES  event of 2015 than New York City? New York - one of the world's liveliest and most entrepreneurial places-  offers one of the strongest financial ecosystems in the world. With its favorable environment for startups, global character and accelerators, the city is an ideal location for young entrepreneurs. Young, fast, dynamic, full of opportunities, the New York atmosphere reminds us of the EYES spirit, and it is why we chose the city for the yearly summit of our society.

We have invited brilliant speakers who will share their experience with us, and will talk about the secrets to success from a New York perspective. We have organized fun activities that will give you a feel for the city and allow you to experience it like the locals. Last but not least, we have invited all members of EYES from every part of the world to gather together and talk about entrepreneurship.

Dream Big. Make it happen. In New York. 
Your EYES NYC Event Team


What have we got in store for you?

We have already organized some amazing activities and speakers for you. Keep following this page for the latest updates!

Get inspired by brilliant speakers

We are lining up some of New York's finest speakers to come and share their experiences with you. With a selection of established entrepreneurs, UN Ambassadors and of course our own EYES members as speaker we guarantee that you will leave with a great deal of inspiration which you can translate into achieving your big dreams.

... And more to come! ...

A boutique hotel in the middle of Manhattan

Founded in 1986, Hotel Stanford Group is a rapidly growing company, which began with a commitment to delivering friendly personalized service, complimentary amenities, and economical comfort without compromising on quality. The company began its mission with the opening of its flagship property in the ‘one and only’ boutique hotel in New York City. Hotel Stanford breaks the mold of large chain-hotels by offering an enchanting cross-cultural experience and by developing a covetable reputation for introducing a combined heritage of genuine service with personal touches for reasonable prices.

Hotel Stanford strives to provide favorable travel experiences around the globe. With its headquarters in New York City, Hotel Stanford operates 3 properties Seoul (South Korea), Santiago (Chile), and Panama City (Republic of Panama).

Meet your humble event team

...and the EYES Office support!

Yes, I want my event ticket!

We have kept the ticket price at the lowest possible ensuring the quality of the event. We do believe that we can make the event even better. If you want to give something back to EYES feel free to select a different package including donation. 

We believe that every EYES member should be able to afford an event ticket. We are aware that the event ticket including hotel is a bit more expensive than usual. This is because accomodation in NYC has proven to be quite expensive. We have of course negotiated the best price vs quality possible. If for some reason you cannot afford the ticket, but really want to come you can contact us at office@eyesinternational.org and we can see if we can work something out.

Questions? Feel free to contact us!

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