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Member profile

  • Between 18 and 35 years of age.

  • Proven entrepreneurial skills and spirit.

  • Minimum of three months continually spent abroad.

  • Fluent in English.

Our members come from 23 countries and speak 16 different languages. Responsibilities of the EYES members include activities such as: university studies, pure blood entrepreneurs, family entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs, founding employees at start ups, high impact training jobs. 

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Membership journey

EYES is a “recommendation only” society. The focus on trust and quality of our Members is who we are. As such, a candidate needs to be recommended by a Full Member of EYES in order to apply. The application process includes an online application form, three interviews with the Membership Committee as well as the attendance to an official EYES event.

A 1-year Guest Membership starts after the successful attendance of the candidate's first EYES event. During this time Guest Members are invited to all EYES events and encouraged to participate in activities organised by and for the society. For Members who are not entrepreneurs yet, the Guest Membership year is their chance to get into action. 

After the successful completion the Guest Membership year at EYES, candidates are eligible to gain Full Membership status. Full Members are young and successful entrepreneurs who have actively participated in EYES. Full Members are allowed to recommend new candidates and vote on all aspects of the society.


Some of the companies founded by our members