EYES welcomes entrepreneurial university students

So you are currently a university student? You have vision, leadership qualities and clear intention to become a great entrepreneur? Or perhaps you have already started your own company and are running it successfully. Then EYES might be a great place for you to grow both as a person and as an entrepreneur. 

EYES is a “recommendation only” society. The strong focus on trustworthiness between our members defines who we are. As such, a candidate can only be recommended by a Full Member of EYES. If you are a student who is very interested in our society, but you do not know any EYES members, we are willing to take the time to build a relationship with you. 

If you fill in our application form to the right, we will connect you to a Full Member of EYES who has similar industry experience or is located near you. This person will gladly take the time to get to know you. If he or she at some point knows you well enough to sponsor you, then you will be recommended for the application process. 

After you have been recommended, the EYES office will contact you and three interviews will be scheduled with members of the EYES Membership Committee (MC). The interviewers will then decide whether Prospective Guest Membership has been granted. The membership journey includes three stages:

Prospective Guest Member (PGM)

Following the positive decision of the Membership Committee that interviewed you, you will join EYES as a Prospective Guest Member. You will then have a period of two years to attend your first official EYES event. During the event you will be evaluated, and a week after you will be notified as to whether Guest Membership has been granted.

Guest Member (GM)

At the moment you become a Guest Member, you will get a period of one year to attend your second official EYES event. During the event you will be evaluated again based on entrepreneurship, character and leadership capability. Upon positive evaluation, you will obtain the status of a Full Member of EYES. 

Full Member (FM)

As a Full Member of the society, you reach the highest status within the organisation. Some of the new responsibilities and rights that come with this are: voting rights on the decisions made regarding the organisation, access to Full Member only events, the right to recommend new candidates for the society, and being part of the evaluation committee during events.

Application form

Name *
Your personal vision is what you want to create of yourself and the world around you. Please outline your personal vision in 1 to 3 sentences.
List high schools and universities you attended / are attending and your degrees.
List your past and current work experience.
List your time and activities in foreign countries, highlighting those trips/stays that lasted longer than three months.
List the languages that you speak and your skill level (mother tongue, fluent, advanced, basic).
List your hobbies and how long you have been pursuing them.
Describe any previous entrepreneurial challenge(s) you have had and how they turned out.
In what way do you plan to contribute to EYES?