International Events and Admissions Manager – based in The Netherlands

Our organisation

The Exceptional Young Entrepreneurs Society (EYES) is a unique international society for extraordinary young entrepreneurs. EYES brings these individuals together in an environment of trust which through mutual learning promotes entrepreneurial thinking and prompts entrepreneurial actions.

The society was formed in 2004 and we now have ~140 members from 30+ countries. Our members are running businesses across virtually every industry: utilities, food distribution, healthcare, art, fashion, real estate, finance, staffing, Internet and more. Combined revenues across the membership are over $500m annually.

We organise multi day flagship events around the world, and invite speakers from the highest echelons of business, politics, the arts, and social-impact. Some who’ve agreed to have their names shared are the former President of Panama, former President of the World Bank, and a co-founder of LinkedIn. Examples of recent event locations are Amsterdam, Shanghai, Miami, Mexico City, Berlin.

What will you do?

In this job you will be the driving force behind our international chapters and the recruitment of new members. You will focus on growing the EYES membership base by attracting highly talented young entrepreneurs to the organization. You will launch new EYES chapters across the world and coach existing EYES chapters so that they function successfully with a strong routine. You will establish and manage the partnerships between EYES and other entrepreneurial organizations, incubators, accelerators and universities with the goal of growing the membership base of highly talented young entrepreneurs.

Who are you?

You are an excellent communicator in English and preferably another major language. You are a structured person who is able to work independently. A born organizer, who loves getting people together.  At the same time, you enjoy approaching people or organisations who are of interest to EYES and can persuade them into forming partnerships. Every so often you will need to travel for your work and be happy and willing to do so.

The job is for 32-40 hours per week and our headquarters is based in The Hague. It will be possible to work from home, but 3 days at the office is a minimum. 

Interested? Apply!

Please send your CV and a written or filmed motivation to