Thank you for your interest in EYES! 


This is the first step to becoming the next outstanding young EYES entrepreneur. What's next? Here is an overview of our new member recruitment process and the membership journey.

EYES is a “invitation only” society. The focus on trustworthiness of our Members is who we are. As such, a candidate needs to represent the five Core Values of EYES: Trust, Leadership, Authenticity, Ambition and Excellence.

The next step of the application process is filling in the application form which you will find below. After you fill it in, the EYES office will contact you and three interviews will be scheduled with members of the EYES Membership Committee (MC). The interviewers will then decide whether Prospective Guest Membership has been granted. The membership journey includes three stages:


Prospective Guest Member (PGM)

Following a positive decision of the Membership Committee that interviewed you, you will join EYES as a Prospective Guest Member. You will then have a period of one year to attend your first official EYES event. During the event you will be evaluated, and within a week you will be notified as to whether Guest Membership has been granted.

Guest Member (GM)

From the moment you become a Guest Member, you will get a period of one year to attend your second official EYES event. During the event you will be evaluated again based on entrepreneurship, character and leadership capability and your involvement with the organization. Upon positive evaluation, you will obtain the status of a Full Member of EYES.

Full Member (FM)

As a Full Member of the society, you reach the highest status within the organisation. Some of the new responsibilities and rights that come with this are: voting rights on the decisions made regarding the organisation, access to Full Member only events and information circles, and being part of the evaluation committee during events.