Inspiration, Growth and Sunshine

Bienvenidos a Madrid!

winter event in the sunny and magnificent city of Dubai!

We will make this an unforgettable experience, one that will leave you with improved personal and professional skills. In order to help you accelerate your entrepreneurial journey back home, we are using an enhanced event format - the focus of the EYES Dubai Event will be in two main directions: professional growth and personal development. 


The great speakers that we have invited will share their experience and tips on becoming a better and more skilled individual and entrepreneur, They will also be open to Q&A sessions for more personal interaction. Besides that, this event will be all about reconnecting with your fellow EYES members while catching some nice winter tan and experiencing the adventures that Dubai has to offer. 

We can't wait to see you in Dubai!


We have invited great speakers to share their wisdom with us. You will have the chance to engage in Q&A sessions with them and hear about their interesting points of view to personal and professional growth. 


A special focus of the event will be placed on member interaction. We have prepared great activities and workshops that will help you improve your personal and entrepreneurial skills while interacting with your fellow members.


EYES is all about spending quality time with your fellow members, which is why we have included some extra fun activities to round off the event, and leave everybody feeling good and with smiles on their faces.  Get ready for Dubai - and the entertainment that the city has to offer!


We have organised special EYES dinners and outings that will allow us to experience Dubai like locals. The Friends of EYES event will, of course, take place too. Make sure to invite your acquaintances and contacts in Dubai to have a drink with EYES!


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