Founder and CEO of Pantys


Emily S. Ewell

How would a friend describe you?

Nonstop energy! Always working on the next project and focused on impact for the greater good.

How did you get your idea for Pantys?

Although my background is in healthcare innovation, I was fortunate to take a two year detour to work with an eCommerce investor in the US on a Brazilian lingerie concept. At the time it may have seemed like a world away from my previous experience and passion, but I became intrigued with a new and growing market of healthy intimates and trends in functional fashion, similar to the recent movement of functional foods. I started working with some factories on prototypes to design a liner technology that we would aim to become the best and most functional globally. Combined with a spirited feminine brand, we launched Pantys to break taboos around women’s health with the first menstrual underwear brand in Latin America.

What do you do on a daily basis to grow as an entrepreneur?

I’m obsessed with podcasts and books. São Paulo is a huge city requiring longer commutes on a weekly basis.  I now enjoy this time as my sacred professional development time for podcasts and audiobooks.

What’s your personal manner of balancing work and life?

I also believe taking care of yourself is essential to creating a strong foundation for your work, company, family and friends. Daily, I try to meditate, stay active and enjoy all the richness of fresh and natural foods - especially the tropical fruits in Brazil. On a weekly basis, I am committed to do something to provoke ideas and creativity like music, art, nature, documentaries and film etc. and ‘active relaxation’ especially massages (another benefit to being in Brazil - that this is even possible as bootstrapped entrepreneur!).

Do you have any hobbies? What are they?

I love to travel, yoga, hiking in nature and global cuisine! I love creative cooking and taking lessons when I travel to learn how to take my favorite dishes back home.

What do you value most about being an EYES member?

Being a founder is a unique personal and professional journey. As a part of EYES, I value being able to share that journey within a global community of like-minded individuals that deeply connect with shared values and personal experiences. Leading a company requires a certain energy that is intense and constant. I’m extremely thankful for the EYES events which provide a unique opportunity for inspiration, connection and renewal in my journey!

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