Founder and CEO of BED&ME

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Katharina Schulze

1. How would someone who knows you very well describe you?

I guess as a positive, open-minded and ambitious person with an urge to run further (because strolling is literally not the way of walking I prefer ;) )

2. How did you get your idea for (company name) ? (describe what your business is about as well)

BED&ME is an e-commerce company for sleep products. We combine the bedding industry with innovative sleeping aids to offer individual solutions and make the fast-growing sleep market transparent and understandable.

As we are living in a fast-moving society, restful sleep is an elementary part of a healthy and powerful life. Because people sleep from bad to worse since the last years the sleep industry is growing massively. There are thousands of product solutions by now. But people don´t know nothing about their sleep. Contrary to nutrition or sport, sleep was never a part of our education. It´s difficult and time-consuming to find the right product to your individual needs. Especially for people who have serious sleep deprivation.

This is why we founded BED&ME. We offer specialist advice and findings of the sleep research to make the buying of sleeping products intuitive and easy with every benefit of e-commerce.

3. What do you do on a daily basis to grow as an entrepreneur?

I try to stay focused and always be open to learn from people how have more experience than me.

I think todays challenge is not to gain new knowledge – we can learn everything what we want when we spent time for it. But I need to filter and implement all the new learnings quickly. That’s why I primary grow by doing: Dare, fail, learn, focus again and keep doing.

4. What common entrepreneurial stereotype do you disagree the most with? Why? 

Good question and honestly, I have never thought about entrepreneurial stereotypes. I once read an article about 6 annoying founder stereotypes. It was funny and I was wondering for a second if people really think founding a company is like that. But anyways that is fine by me. I think that stereotyped thinking helps people to gain an impression about first sights.

5. What’s your personal manner of balancing work and life?

I always ensure that I´m satisfied with myself and what I do. Otherwise I change it without wasting time. I think when my inner balance works, I can handle work and life without any trouble.

Moreover, no matter what I do – whether work, family, friends or my own free time – I try to engange myself to 100% and focus on quality time. Because of my business I learned that good and enough sleep is important to stay healthy and powerful. This is why I also take care of my work-life-sleep balance.

6. Do you have any hobbies? What are they? 

I have a dog and a horse. When I´m not in the office I´m drawn to the nature. I used to be very ambitious in riding sport. I spent almost every weekend with competitions. Now it is a mental and active free time besides work.

7. What do you value most about being an EYES member? What does being an EYES member mean to you?

After my first EYES event I was overwhelmed. I have never met so many inspiring people who created such a strong sense of solidarity in just a view days. Being part of a network with powerful people who share similar challenges, emotions and visions gives you the feeling of “being understood”. This is important and helpful for me to grow and learn for business and life.

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