Founder and CEO of Damedic

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Rupprecht Milojcic

How would a friend describe you?

You would have to ask them - however I would describe myself as a guy, who is calmly following his passions, not losing out on the things someone’s got to do in-order to get things done.

How did you get your idea for Damedic?

Coincidence: little brainstorm on a car-ride.

What do you do on a daily basis to grow as an entrepreneur?

Talk to all sorts of people and try to work as structured as possible.

What common entrepreneurial stereotype do you disagree the most with? Why?

I don´t judge upon anyone who takes his luck into his own hands. The only thing that really creates negative emotions in me is the loss of integrity. For me integrity is one of the core values of human being and as an entrepreneur you have got to leverage upon it. When you lose out on your consciousness that you’re raw model for others, somethings is going wrong.

What’s your personal manner of balancing work and life?

Sport, family, well balanced sleep; not taking things to serious.

Do you have any hobbies? What are they?

Food chain: hunting-preparing-cooking-eating; skiing

What do you value most about being an EYES member? What does being an EYES member mean to you?

Meeting peers that fit the criteria of what I value in entrepreneurship; It´s a privilege to be part of this growing group and I am proud of what it has become over the years.

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