7th - 10th April 2016

Bienvenidos a Madrid!

first EYES Global event for 2016

Spain here we come.  We are very excited to welcome you to yet another amazing EYES event. And the program looks very promising indeed. You will spend four intense days interacting with your fellow EYES members and learning more about entrepreneurship. We guarantee to return you energized, ready for new entrepreneurial successes and charged with another dose of EYES inspiration. 



We have invited great speakers to share their wisdom with us. You will have the chance to engage in Q&A sessions with them and hear about their interesting points of view to personal and professional growth. 


The other main component of the event program will be member interaction. We have included a panel with local VCs looking to invest in your business, company pitching and feedback sessions, and case studies by EYES members to help you grow as an entrepreneur. 

We have invited a number of amazing local and international luminaries to come and share their entrepreneurial experience with us. The event program will include a VC panel session, a company pitching and feedback session, and case studies sessions by EYES members. No EYES experience will be complete without investigating the local culture. Vino, tapas and football are on the list (but not necessarily in that order). 

Get ready to meet your fellow EYES members again, to share and to learn from one another, to interact with knowledgeable speakers and to experience one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. Early bird ticket salestarts now - make sure to get yours!


We will not leave the typical EYES fun out of the program. You will participate in bonding activities that will make you and your fellow members act in a team, will leave you energised and will tighten the bonds and friendship within our society!


Some of the event locations are the Google Campus Madrid, Iron Hack Madrid and the Cuatrecasas HQ. The Friends of EYES event will, of course, take place too. Make sure to invite your acquaintances and contacts in Madrid to have a drink with EYES!


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