All you need to know on how our membership works

Our EYES Family


Membership Profile

EYES is a society with an extensive member selection process. To be considered for the organization, candidates must fulfill the following basic criteria:

> You are between 18-35 years of age

> You are an entrepreneur

> You have international experience

> You are fluent in English

The EYES members can be traditional entrepreneurs, family entrepreneurs or high impact social entrepreneurs.


Eyes Core Values

Five simple values make up the core of who we are and how we act: trust, excellence, authenticity, ambition and leadership. They guide the decisions we make as an organization and help us evaluate potential members.

These leadership values keep us in check. Are we providing a safe and trusting environment where members can be honest? Are we bringing in members who inspire us both professionally and personally?

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We have an annual contribution of 999EUR/1149USD after becoming a Guest Member of EYES.

At the beginning of the Guest Membership we charge a one time 199EUR admission fee.

If you have any questions regarding the annual contribution, please contact us at

Because we value engagement and commitment, if you give back to EYES we want to give back to you. We have an Engagement Points System (EPS), which allows for discounts on the annual contribution according to the level of engagement.

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