Isla Roatan & Panama

an exciting first in a series of new EYES events!

The retreat will be characterized by more member interaction, introspection and holistic growth. You will form even stronger bonds by learning from each other and reflecting together. We will introduce topics that are relevant, both to members who are about to start their first venture and to members who are further in their journey. Some external people will join us for parts of the event, but with a different angle. Less focused on business and with greater emphasis onbecoming more evolved human beings. Which in turn, will enable us to become more productive entrepreneurs.


And what a better place to do this than on the pristine Caribbean island of Roatan?

Roatan is amazingly beautiful, and especially interesting location because Erick Brimen (former Chairman of EYES), is currently undertaking a truly ground-breaking venture on the island. And he intends to take us along on his entrepreneurial journey of “Citypreneurship”: the practice of creating and operating cities for profit. In other words, applying everything which is normally done at the enterprise level, to the government.

The whole team is very excited to meet you in Roatan in November! Pack your bags, your swimsuit, your sports gear and get your early bird ticket.


We have arranged an amazing hotel (courtesy of Omar Ynzenga, see pictures below) where you will be able to enjoy a few more days together with your fellow members. The post event trip will take place from the 5th until the 9th of November. You will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather, explore the wild life, go diving, or simply catch up on reading and relax in an amazing place.

Important note:

During the official event in Roatan no partners are allowed, however during the post event trip you can bring your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend as we have room for up to 24 people. 

If you want to bring your significant other to the event, we can connect him/her with the other partners so that they can enjoy a few days in Panama together. Please let the HQ know in case you are bringing someone to the post event trip.


Event Itinerary

1st November (Thu)  - Arrive in Panama City in Panama (Caution! not in Florida)
2nd November at 11:00 - Flight to Roatan with charter plane arranged by EYES.
2nd-5th November - Global Retreat
5th November (mon) at 13:00 - Flight to Panama City with charter plane arranged by EYES. End of formal event program.

Post event trip :)

5th November  Travel to Portobello
6th-9th November - Stay at El Otro Lado
9th November - Return to Panama City. End of post event trip.



Meet the Team