CEO of Parlamind

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Dr. Tina Klüwer

Dr. Tina Klüwer is CEO and co-founder of parlamind, an A.I. company in Berlin. After graduation Tina Klüwer studied Philosophy, German Linguistics and Computational Linguistics in Cologne. She then moved to the Language Technology Lab of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), first in Saarbrücken, later in Berlin, where she spent more than eight years researching and internationally publishing in the topics chatbots, dialogue systems and text analysis. She was also a lecturer at the Institute of Communication Sciences at the University of Bonn and project manager at the Institute of Computer Science at the Free University of Berlin. Tina Klüwer holds a PhD in Computational Linguistics from the University of Saarland. The topic of her thesis was about modeling social signals in chatbots. She is a member of the German A.I. Federal Association, the A.I. Enquete Commission of the German Parliament and Associate of the Discourse Research Lab of the University of Potsdam. With parlamind she brings her own and other research results to the market. She and her team of K.I. experts develop and sell an A.I.-based software for increasing efficiency and quality in customer service processes and communication.

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