Co-founder at HERMANN’S

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Verena is the fourth generation of German biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen. She firmly believes that business can be a realistic, long-term vehicle to effect positive change. She also believes that our food system will have to reinvent itself to feed the generations after us, that many such solutions already exist, and that industry’s task is not to invent, but to find and utilize them. Verena continues the tradition of her grandfather Hermann Bahlsen who found gems in places where others wouldn’t think to look, and built a business out of them that endured beyond his generation. After concluding her studies in media communications and management in the U.S. and the U.K., Verena returned to Germany in 2015 to honor the legacy of her grandfather with her own venture. Together with her partner Laura Jaspers, she founded HERMANN’S, a restaurant, film studio, and co-working and event space that serves as thought for food and food for thought.

Verena became an EYES member in 2018.

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