Serial Entrepreneur (Medicorp, Viatel,, and others)

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Martin Varsavsky is an Argentine/Spanish entrepreneur, founder of seven companies over the course of his career.

In 1984, while still in college, Varsavsky started his first business, Urban Capital Corporation, one of the early leaders of the loft movement in downtown Manhattan. This was soon followed in 1986 by Medicorp Services, a Canadian biotechnology company, a pioneer in AIDS and PSA testing. His third business, Viatel Ltd., Varsavsky’s first venture into the world of telecom, was founded in 1990. This company is best known for inventing call back and building the first pan European fiber optic network ahead of liberalization. Martin Varsavsky’s best-known ventures were founded during the last decade. In 1998, he started Jazz Telecomunicaciones (Jazztel), Spain’s second largest publicly traded telecom operator. In 1999 he founded, Spain’s third largest internet web site/DSL provider that includes the second largest Spanish language web agency But not all of MV’s companies were successful. In 2000, he started Germany’s leading cloud computing company, Einsteinet, and the company was sold in 2003 at no return to him or investors.

Martin Varsavsky is currently the larger shareholder and Chairman of Fon. With over 18 million hotspots, Fon is the largest WiFi network in the world. The company is headquartered in Madrid, Spain but its customers are worldwide, in Asia, Europe and the USA. Its investors include AtomicoBritish TelecomCoral GroupSkypeGoogle, and Index Ventures.


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